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Industrial products: HARDNESS PLANTS :

Testing washing machine


The mains water is softened and stored in the hardening tank.

The analyzer calibration capability allows you to check the water hardness, and to operate a dosing pump  (or more dosing pump), until you reach the desired hardness. Meanwhile the analyzer continuously analyzes the hardness. After reaching the optimum hardness, we have the solution OK signal, it will be kept under control with a programmable interval. When the water of the tank is consumed we will have the supply of softened water and dosage of chemicals.


Including in a plant:

- double volumetric softener filter

- hardness analyzer type DUROMAT Professional

- calibration solutin at a preselected hardness

- dosing pump (or more pumps)

- storage tank

.- recirculation pump

and of course other  that allows the optimal operation.


Below a mobile plant designed for testing of coffee machine:


Pretreatment: double volumetric softener filter


Hardening with analyzer, the storage tank of solution hardening and hardened water storage tank.

We reserve every technical change .




Version 11/2015






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