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Industrial products: ON-LINE MONITORS :

You  can choose between monoparameter and/or multiparameter for fixed positions, for primary or waste water.
Every analyzers are intended for industrial trade.
The gamma ranges from standard models to the specific ones.
Our company policy expects for first, the technical consultancy, which gives everyone the guarantee to get a coherent project to satisfy every demand. We hold training courses for our equipments, start, site repair or at our offices.We offer our resellers "neutral"  technical interventions without mentioning our company's name.









fe: Hardness or other parameter

fe. Oxyigen

   fe. Sodium    fe. Oil in water
Some models are prepared for only one sampling point, other from  2 to 10 samplings points.
The examples above are the most requested.
Both models, and/or analyzers for other parameters and  analyzers with measure range different from those indicated are available.
Please ask !!!!!!
Choose the parameter to analyze in the left column.
We reserve every technical change.
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