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Corporate data


Company name
APURA s.r.l. (Ltd)
Piazza Porto, 3
25084 Gargnano (BS)
Tel. +39 / 0365 - 642792
eMail: info@apura.it
Internet: www.apura-wasser.de
Place of production and commercial office
Apura s.r.l.

Via Montello, 34

23895 Nibionno (LECCO)

Phone.: **39/031 - 4154820

Mobile phone **39/ 329-7915851

eMail: lombardia@apura.it


Technical Sales Manager: Mr. Zennaro

Chief executive
Eng. (FH) FUNKE Armin
Company registration:
Brescia BS 50789
Chamber of Commerce registration::
Brescia BS 419858
VAT number : IT 03560460476
Tax code:
IT 03560460476
Safety responsible :
Dr. Ing. Giancarlo Sistemi
Labor responsible: Eng. (FH) FUNKE, Armin
Insurance posthumous/maintenance
Registered brand:
Publishment responsible: Eng. (FH) FUNKE Armin


The products we present to you are subject to continuous development.

You can find changes even in a shor amount of time.

We Follow and respect the legal requirements and technical progress. Individual products may differ from the standard products.

OEM versions are not shown on our website.

We are not liable for damage caused by incorrect use or wrong interpretation of these pages. We are not liable for direct or indirect damages

(both as contract and non- contractual.)

We assume no liability for the redirections to other web sites or web pages which refer to us.

The registered trademarks are legally registered by us in Italy. Prior importance for other countriesabout these products,is that the importer must ensure that

there are no injured trademarks or patents.

The Apura is not liable for trademark infringment outside Italy and is not responsible for the considerations possibly diverging national rules,


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Apura s.r.l. Piazza Porto, 3 - 25084 Villa di Gargnano (BS)
tel **39/0365-642792- fax **39/0365-1892024 Ufficio Vendite **39/333-6339630 Ufficio Tecnico **39/333-7388380 info@apura.it - P.IVA IT 03560460176