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the cabonate hardness is not the hardness after a water softening plant.

 If you want  to monitor  the hardness after a softening plant please go to

"hardness Ca/Mg".

If you want to monitor the carbonate hardness, we have two on-line analyzers:



water good / no good


DUROMAT professional

with display

You can see the analyzer


Colorimetric analyzer for industrial use and used in hotels and hospitals. Output and LED for hard water and soft water (without display). With one max set point of the reagent. Low water and reagents consumption. Anayisis time controlled; three relais contact (hard water, alarm).

Very good price.

DUROMAT professional

Colorimetric analyzer for industial used. Outputs and LEDs for hard water, soft water, error. Complete with output 0(4)-20mA, SD card, memory (datas and errors) and CAN BUS. With two set point of alarme. Low water and reagents consumption. Analysis time controlled, volumetric controlled or inlet contact.

Very complete.

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