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                   TOC in water (Totale Organic Carbon) 


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Type of analysis: UV persulfate
Measuring range
 0 – 10 ppm / 0 – 1.000 ppm
0 – 5.000 ppm (different model)
Waste water, condensate, cooling water, industrial water
Analyzer UV persulfate which controls and monitors the value of  TOC* (total organic carbon) in water.
Type of analysis: UV persulfate
Measuring range:

change in automatically in relation to the result

Network connection: 90-240V 50-60Hz, 100VA
Environment humidity: max. 90% without condensate
Environment temperature: 5 – 50 °C
Water temperature: 5 - 55 °C
Water pressure: 0,35 – 2,0 bar
Precisione d’analisi: +/- 2% of the maximum value
Quality of water: transparent, without suspended substance, pH 3-12
Dimension:  38 x 60 x 21 (depth) cm
Trasparency control: before each analysis
Consumption each reagent: 1 reagent each month of each type
Certification:  EMC and CE
Calibration: automatic, programmable (recommended every 7 days)
Time of analysis
a batch, duration about 8 minutes (depend on the result)
Relais output: 2
Analogic output: 4 – 20mA
Serial output:  RS232 (option GSM)
Protection degree:
Instruction for use: english italian
Display: english
prefilters (recommended), cleaning set, coolers


*It is a very important analysis for the determination of organic contaminants in drinkable water and in water for pharmaceutical usage, instead of in industry you can use it for the analyzes on cooling water and in that one used for manufacturer of semiconductor. The analyzes can be conduced continually, by  on line analyzers, or in laboratory.

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