Apura srl trattamento acqua Apura srl trattamento acqua

Who we are



We are a company with main office in Gargnano (Brescia) and production and  commercial office in Nibionno (Lecco).

We have two lines of products for industrial water treatment:

- components for water treatment plants (like controlers, on-line monitors, stager ecc) 

- complete water treatment plants (like water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, EDI ecc). 

Apura has been founded in 2000 by a German engineer specialized since 1980 in the water treatment sector/field.

Our main purpose is to contribute actively to the preservation of the environment, being aware that water represents a fundamental element.

In addition we aim at the introduction of advanced technologies in the Italian market at competitive prices.ll our products are available in low cost versions (with basic functions).

They are multifunctional products developed in order to satisfy every needs: they are suitable both for highly specialized uses and for simpler and more practical employments.

Products components are mainly purchased in Germany and are labeled with CE, GS and TUV certifications.

Apura’s suppliers are generally provided with DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 46001 certificates which prove their suitability for hospitals and medical fields.

It is possible to develop (and personalize) our products according to clients personal needs. The client will receive our assistance after the product purchasing and will be helped for its installation and maintenance.

Technical information and online help by phone during and after the setting up of our products are totally free of charge.

Apura will set up the equipments and provide assistance for their maintenance on our retailers behalf. We sell our products exclusively to re-sellers/manufacturers.

Individual clients may directly purchase Apura’s equipments in case of: lack of local re-sellers or on a specific request for components and specialized assistance by local manufacturers.

Large enterprises specialized in water treatment as well as medium/small sized firms represent our main re-selling clients.

The structure of our firm allows us to be quick, flexible and competent in our duties and services.Company data:

Apura s.r.l.

Main office / Amministration: Production /Commercial office:
Apura s.r.l. Apura s.r.l.
Piazza Porto, 3 Via Montello, 34 
Italy - 25084 Gargnano (BS) Italy - 23895 Nibionno (LC)
Phone: **39 / 0365 - 6432792 Phone **39 / 031 - 4154820
Fax **39 / 0365 - 1892024 Fax **39 / 0365 - 1892024
eMail: info@apura.it eMail: tecnico@apura.it 
Mobile phone: **39 / 333 - 7388380 Mobile phone: **39 / 333 - 7388380
VAT Number: IT03560460476 VAT Number: IT03560460476
General manager: Dipl. Ing. (FH) FUNKE General manager: Dipl. Ing. (FH) FUNKE



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Apura Symbol Origin
Apura Symbol Origin

Historical origins of the corporatye symbol:


"The leaves of the hogweed (Acantus mollis erbacea perenne), decorate the Corinthian capitals of the Greek temples.
God Apollo loved the nymph of the hogweed. The nymph was transformed by Apollo in the flower of the hogweed to give an inspiration to the poet and philosopher Callimaco.."
Apura s.r.l. – Piazza Porto, 3 – 25084 Gargnano (BS) – Italy
Tel. **39 / 031-4154820 – Fax **39 / 0365-1892024 – Ufficio Vendite/Sales office: **39 / 329-7915851 – Ufficio Tecnico/Technical department: **39 / 333-7388380 info@apura.it – P.IVA/VAT No.: IT03560460176