Industrial products: STAGER (PILOT DISTIBUTOR) : TUYA electra double :

The pilot distributor (stager)  TUYA electra double

For double alternatly filter plants, within programmer.


TUYA electra double:

control the membrane chambers single effect with spring return. The pilot distributor has its inner programmer (it does not need a programmer or PLC).

Connection for six membrane chamber, six programmable phases pilot (5 phases of the regeneration).

Start rigeneration: volumetric, temprizzed,       with external signal (analyzer, pressure switch) or manually.
With daily inner clock

Outputs relais (n.o. / n.c.):

REL1: additional programme  no. 1 (activation before, during or after regeneration –  duration programmable)

REL2: second  additional programme no. 2 programmable (as above)

REL3: general alarm or dosing impulso (only with water meter)

REL4: exercise valve filter 1 (add solenoid valve) or a contact during the supply of the treated water and a contact during regeneration

REL5: exercise valve filter 2 (as above)

Analogic output:

4 – 20 mA: operation signal of the plant double filter and general alarm

Inputs (n.o.):

WM: lunch pulse water meter

IN1: Stop regeneration away (interrupt a current regeneration)

IN2: Start regeneration or Stop (block the beginning of a regeneration)

IN3: Opening/closing exercise valve away

Examples of use: close the treated water’s supply in force, in case of storage tank full

IN4: Hold regeneration

Examples of use: stop the regeneration where it is until the contact goes back (example: wash the softener  until the drain’s conductivity goes into expected range back, wash the filter until the turbidity goes into the expected value back).

 Mains connection:    24 Volt 50-60Hz

Control performance absorption:2,5 VA

Technical data

Mains connection:
24 Volt 50-60Hz
Control performance absorption:
2,5 VA
Switching time:
10 seconds
Protection class:
 IP 54
included in the delivery
Control panel:
air or water (without foreign bodies)
Maximum pressure:
8 bar
Pressure for the test:
16 bar
Piping internal diameter :

2 mm

Environment temperature:
from 5 to 40° C
Connection to valves:
1/8” male, 10mm max. thread length

2,4 kg

250 large, 230 height, 90 mm depth
Relais in output:
5, contacts n.o./n.c.
Additional programme1 and 2
Exercise valve
Without voltage, max. 250V 1,5A  250VA initial load (*)

(*) with plug transformer 230/24V 50-60Hz do not use current output

card N/L
Analog output:

4-20mA  galvanically separeted (max load. 250 ohm)

5 n.o.
Stop regeneration
or Stop regeneration
Exercise valve 1 and 2
Hold  regeneration
Noise filter:
included (type EMI)
Internal transformer:
9-12V 50-60Hz
Internal motor voltage:
12V 50-60Hz
Regeneration counting:
CE and RoHS
Plug transformer (optional):

230/24V AC, pri. 230-240VAC, 50Hz, 15VA – sec. 24VAC, mass. 10VA


External transformer cerfification CE, TUV, NF. RoHs


Rotary valve:                         stainless steel                          Rubber seal:                        rubber

Adjustment fuse:                 stainless steel                          Rings:                                   perbutan

Spring:                                  stainless steel                          Box (involucre):                    Polycarbonate PC

Teflon seal:                          teflon


TUYA electra double
  n.o. n.c
single effect within programmer, for two pressure tanks one TUYA


24 V 50-60Hz






Accessories Set fittings water/air                         2 x 290405
  Transformer 230/24 V 50-60 Hz                         290331



We reserve further technical changes.


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