Industrial products: STAGER (PILOT DISTIBUTOR) : TUYA electra :

Pilot distributor TUYA electra  no programmer

TUYA electra:

controls the diaphragm chambers single acting normally open or normally closed (spring return). 

The start regeneration and the duration of the various phases are regulated by a programmer or PLC.

Connection for six membrane chambers,six programmable phases pilot  (5 phases of the regeneration).


Input relais (n.o. / n.c.):

REL0: processing signal or general alarm signal
REL1: signal TUYA in stage 1
REL2: signal TUYA in stage2
REL3: signalTUYA in stage 3
REL4: signal TUYA in stage 4
REL5: signal TUYA in stage 5
analogic inputs:
4 – 20 mA: signal of the various phases of the regeneration and general alarm 

shifting stage/stage with  continuous contact ON/OFF

shifting stage/stage with pulse contact ON/OFF

shifting stage/stage with  continuous contact 230V (or 115V/24V)
shifting stage/stage with pulse contact 230V (or 115V/24V)
Technical data


Mains connection:

230 Volt 50-60Hz, 24 Volt 50-60Hz or 115 Volt 50-60Hz


Control performance absorption:

2,5 VA

Switching time:

10 seconds

Protection class:

IP 54

Phase to phase switching:

with voltage (240V max. load)
without voltage (5V max. load)
alternating or pulse switching
included in the scope of the delivery

Output relais:

6 (or 5, and alarm relais), n.o./n.c. contacts
potential-free max. 250V 1,5A 250 VA initial load

Analogue output:

4-20mA galvanically separated (250 ohm max. load)

Control panel:

air or water (out of foreign bodies)

Maximum pressure:

8 bar

Pressure for the test:

16 bar

Piping internal diameter :

2 mm

Environment temperature:

from 5 to 55° C

Connection to valves:

1/8” male, 10mm max. thread length
2,4 kg

250 large, 230 height, 90 mm depth

Noise filter:

included (EMI type)

Internal transformer:

9-12V 50-60Hz

Internal motor voltage:

12V 50-60Hz

Regeneration counting:

CE and RoHS

Rotary valve:                         stainless steel

Rubber seal:           rubber

Adjustment fuse:                 stainless steel

Rings:                       perbutan

Spring:                                  stainless steel

Box (involucre):       Polycarbonate PC

Teflon seal:                          teflon



TUYA electra   n.a n.c
single effect without programmer, every cylinder TUYA

24 V 50-60Hz

115 V 50-60 Hz

230 V50-60 Hz








Accessories Set fittings water /air                      290405
  Trasformer 230/24 V 50-60Hz                      290331


We reserve further technical changes. 


Versione 03/2015



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