Industrial products: STAGER (PILOT DISTIBUTOR) : TUYA electra pool :

Pilot distributor TUYA electra pool
with programmer.
TUYA electra pool:

commands the washing valve of the pool and the recycling pump and the washing pump (if there is).

The rinsing pump is switched off during the moving of the valves.

The pilot distributor has an inner programmer(  it does not need) a programmer or PLC).

Six programmable phases pilot (5 phasesof the regeneration).

Start rigeneration:  temporized,  with external signal (pressure switch) or manually.
With daily inner timer.

Output relais (n.o. / n.c.):

REL1: pump nr. 1, programmable (shutdown pump during yhe valve moving)

REL2: pump nr. 2, programmable (shutdown pump during yhe valve moving)

REL3: general alarm

REL4: pulse dosing (only with water meter connected)

REL5: exercise valve (add solenoid valve) or a contact during treated water supply and a  contact during the regeneration

Analogic signal:

4 – 20 mA: processing signal, various phases of  the regeneration and general alarm.

Inputs (n.o.):

IN1: Stop washing away (interrupt a current wash)

IN2: Start wash or Stop (block the beginning of a wash)

IN3: Opening/closingexercise valve away
IN4: Hold lavaggio

Examples of use: stop the wash where it is until the contact goes back (example: wash the filter until the turbidity goes into the expected value back)


Technical data

Mains connection:

230 Volt 50-60Hz,  24 Volt 50-60Hz or 115 Volt 50-60Hz

Control performance absorption:

2,5 VA

Switching time:

10 seconds

Protection class:

 IP 54


included in the delivery

Control panel:

air or water (without  foreign bodies)

Maximum pressure:

8 bar

Pressure for the test:

16 bar

Piping internal diameter :

2 mm

Environment temperature:

from 5 to 40° C

Connection to valves:



1/8” male, 10mm max. thread length


2,4 kg


250 large, 230 height, 90 mm depth

Relais in output:

5, contacts n.o./n.c.


Additional programme1 and 2






Exercise valve


Without voltage, max. 250V 1,5A  250VA initial load (*)


(*) with plug transformer 230/24V 50-60Hz do not use current output


card N/L

Analog output:

4-20mA  galvanically separeted (max load. 250 ohm)


5 n.o.


Stop regeneration


Start or Stop regeneration


Exercise valve


Hold  regeneration

Noise filter:

included (type EMI)

Internal transformer:

9-12V 50-60Hz

Internal motor voltage:

12V 50-60Hz

Regeneration counting:



CE and RoHS

Plug transformer (optional):

230/24V AC, pri. 230-240VAC, 50Hz, 15VA – sec. 24VAC, mass. 10VA


External transformer cerfification CE, TUV, NF. RoHs


Rotary valve:                         stainless steel                          Rubber seal:                        rubber

Adjustment fuse:                 stainless steel                          Rings:                                   perbutan

Spring:                                  stainless steel                          Box (involucre):                    Polycarbonate PC

Teflon seal:                          teflon



TUYA electra pool
Within programmer, a TUYA for every filter

24 V 50-60Hz

115 V 50-60 Hz

230 V50-60 Hz






Accessories Set fittings water/air                           290405
  Transformer  230/24 V 50-60 Hz                           290331

We resereve  further technical change


Version 03/2015



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