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Industrial products: BEDHEAD :

Bedhead dialysis place


Bedhead DEP – for single bed (art.no. 383010)

This Bedheads offered to those who want to get a optimal service to the patient.

Here they are grouped all plumbing and electrical items necessary to the network, pieces fit suitable to different fluids which specially take care the hygienic aspect.

Electric connection for each bedhead, already electrically connected, included:

- three sockets 230V 50-60Hz

- two connections to remove the potential of the current load (respect DIN)

- a three pole sockets CEE

- a button for the nurse call

- Option (overcharge): link radio, television link, current low voltage connection 24 poly

Hydraulic connection for each bed:

- a link to the permeate

- three chance of concentrate connection

- a drain in free fall and anti - odor clousure, in trasparent material

Shortcuts necessary are mounted with an angle of  30 degrees downward so that, the drops possibly present, in the expulsive phase may be collected in a suitable container. With this system the crystallization is avoided behind the device because of infiltrations.

The frontal plate may be opened also during the dialysis without the water flows interruption. With which system ensures a leak test of all intermediate hydraulic spaces ( also drain water) during dialysis.

The cap is of PUR and ABS, strong to all disinfecting solutions used. The cap is white (RAL9003) with the possibility of choice of other colors, the support is in stainless steel.


- height: 880 mm

- width: 385 mm

- depth- : 150 mm

- weight: 10 kg


Quick link to the permeate (art.no 383050)


For a quick connection between the dialysis machine and the power ring permeate. The connection is stainless steel. The quick connection includes immediate closing valves to prevent the escape of drops (when disconnecting).

Quick link to the waste water (art.no 383055)


For a fast connection between the dialysis machine, the connection is stainless steel. It is a quick connection with immediate action valve to prevent the escape of drops (whwn disconnecting).

Bedhead DDP – for two beds (art.no 383020)

(see general description Bed heads units DEP)

Electrical connection, already electrically connected, including:

- four sockets 230V 50-60Hz

- two connections to eliminate the potential of the current load (respect DIN)

- two sockets CEE three pole

- a button for the nurse call

- Option (overcharge): link radio, telvision connection, low voltage power connection 24 pole

Hydraulic connection:

- Two connections to permeate

- six possibilities of concentrate connection

- two free fall disharge and antiodor closing, in transparent material


- height: 880 mm

- weight: 385 mm

- depth: 150 mm

weight: 13 kg




Bedheads DEP – for single bed


BedheadsDDP – for two beds


Quick link to permeato of distribution ring


quick link to the drain


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