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Industrial products: HARDNESS PLANTS :

Hardening plants


They are used:


A) to obtain the desidered hardness for the testing of: washing machine, dishwashers, boiler, boilers or coffee machine

B) for the restoration of books



Testing washing machine

It is  asoftening plant with hardening system and controll of water hardness produced.

It works by batch: the softened and/or premixed water is introduced into the storage container. An  water analyzer controls the hardness and add the chemical product (or the chemical products depending on the system and the hardness to achieve.). When you reach the hardness the analyzer warns you the solution is ready for use.

There are no standard system because they are built according to the necessity.

Restoration of books

The new frontierfor the hard water, is based on the combination between the water treatment plant and hardening plant with suitable products.

The water treatment plant (with demineralization cartridge or reverse osmosys) gives a standard osmotic water for the hardening process. The volume flow is very powerful, in only 135 minutes,  the plant produces 300 liters of water with an hardenss of 195 f with a  pH  value between 6 up to 9.

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