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Programmers and timers for the management

of water treatment plants

The range of programmers and timers that we offer covers the following uses:

timers for softener / filter
programmers for reverse osmosis systems
programmers for water softening plants
programmers for filtration systems
programmers to demineralization

Some examples of functions:

regeneration in relation to: time, volume, or quality manual
processing alternating series, cascading
filter: single, double, triple

The products are many and varied, place all in the site would be disperse yours forces in the study.

We therefore kindly request that you keep in contact with us to facilitate and streamline the procedure of choice, so that you will be offered from time to time the programmer more suited to the need of the system to be installed.

If necessary, you can download the operating instructions available in the form reserved for "our customers."

If it was your interest in a more thorough evaluation, you can ask us to send the printed leaflet.


Further alterations are reserved in the interests of continuous technical improvements


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